Focus Week Reflection

This week was a ‘rest’ week at gSchool where we worked on shorter and more open ended projects. My team made a tic tac toe game in Ruby-Processing. As we’re between larger multi-week projects I had some more time to read and play around with some extra libraries. I wrote a very simple Shoes app on top of one of our last projects.

My inspiration came form listening to Zachary Scott talk about Shoes at RMR13. I fired off a ‘thank you’ tweet to Zach and got a quick response. I’m still surprised at how friendly the Ruby community can be and the more I learn the more I see that this behavior is in the community dna (MINSWAN-style).

Best of all, our conversation ended with the above tweet about how having fun is what matters. It’s not every industry where that feeling is so prevalent.

Next week, we’ll be jumping into our first Sinatra app. I haven’t touched Rails in the past 6 weeks as we’ve been focused on Ruby and my excitement is building about jumping back into the HTTP world (this time with a much deeper understanding of the language).

####Some recommended reading from this week: